What You Should Do First Before Giving Your Dog a Treat

Dogs being one of the best friends of humans, many of us dream of owning a dog but we all know it pretty well that it’s not everyone cup of tea because they require great attention and care.

Like providing them with some basic necessities i.e. food, water, medical care, exercise and feeding him with proper canine feed according to his weight & breed.

Treat plays a very important role in the growth and development of the body of a dog, so we have to make sure that we provide our dog with the best canine feed for him.

So here is what should you do first before giving a dog a treat. These are the things which you should take care of while giving the treat to your dog.

How to give a treat to your dog?

What Should You Do First Before Giving Your Dog a Treat
What Should You Do First Before Giving a Dog a Treat

For treat giving you have to make sure that it occurs in between the meal not immediately after a meal or before a meal. Here are some ways by which you can give your dog a treat.

  • Train your dog using a treat– You have to make sure while giving a treat to your dog that you hold it under his mouth at his chest and eye level. You have to offer your dog a small treat every time when he accomplishes his small or some part of training, by this, he will also know that by accomplishing my task I will get a treat and he will learn faster.
  • Taking the treats gently– If your dog behaves impatiently and grabs the treat from you then you should train him to be patient and be gentle. For this, you have to hold a treat in front of him with your closed fist. If he paws or bites to get a treat then, you have to keep your fist closed and wait for him to calm down and after this, you have to softly touch your fist with his nose as if feeding a horse and allow him to have a treat.
  • Using small treats to train your dog– Since the training sessions for your dog will involve 10 to 20 repetitions mainly, so it would be better if you break treats into pea-sized pieces. Moreover, you have to make sure that you are providing your dog with soft treats that can be eaten easily while training. You can check out all types of dog treats at Amazon here.

Timings for the dog treat?

Giving a treat to your dog is always dependent upon his age and body weight for knowing about your dog’s body weight and his calorie requirement you can contact your veterinarian.

But according to most of the veterinarians, the treat should not be more than 10% of your dog’s total diet. While talking about the timings for the dog treat is not specific but you have to make sure that it is in between his dog food meal not immediately after a meal or before a meal.

Your veterinarian can give you the best advice on what type of treats will be best for your dog according to your dog’s requirement.

When to give a treat?

What Should You Do First Before Giving Your Dog a Treat
What Should You Do First Before Giving a Dog a Treat

It is very important to you as an owner to know what will be the best time for your dog to have a treat and you have to choose a time for the treat that your dog will enjoy the most.

You can also save the best treat for the last and can use that treat as a re-engage when a dog begins to lose interest in his training session. Your treat won’t work right if your dog has a full meal.

Here is a technique to give a treat to your dog, hold the treat in your first two fingers and thumb and let the dog smells it from his nose, then eyes and then ears. Let the dog engage his nose because through it you are appealing to the most important part of his brain. Next, if the dog shows interest and starts sniffing lift the treat up slowly and let the dog’s nose follow your hand and if the dog jumps at your hand, take it away. Let the dog follow your hand with his eyes & nose and make him sit calmly on the floor and then offer him a treat.

How many treats to give?

What Should You Do First Before Giving Your Dog a Treat

Treat is an important part of training, more intake of treatment can lead to nutrient imbalances. But you should always remember while giving a treat to a dog that

Too many dogs treat = Obesity

Treat should be not more than 10% of the dog’s daily calories and it should always be in between the meal.

For example- your dog needs 500 calories in a day, then there should not be more than 50 calories from the treat. While the other 450 should come from a normal meal. This means that you should know how many treats you have to give in a day to your dog which can be tricky while training your dog when you have to give as many rewards as possible. Giving your dog too many treats can make your dog obese. Other than this there is no specific time to give a treat to your dog.

Homemade treats for your dog

Dog treats that are available in the market sometimes can be quite expensive and can’t be trusted also so smoothly. So here are some homemade treats which you can prepare yourself for your dog:

  • Quick & Easy Peanut Butter Treats- For this, you need 2 cups of flour, ½ cup peanut butter, and 2 eggs. Mix all the ingredients and then add water until it becomes wet dough.
  • Bone Broth – One of the most delicious and bowl-licking dishes for dogs, bone broths are healthy too. Check out some bone broth recipes for dogs here.
  • Chicken Dog Treats– Ingredients required for this cup of diced chicken, half cup of cooked rice, 3 tablespoons of rice flour and one egg.

There are some more treats like Sweet Potato Fries for dogs, homemade dog biscuits, Frozen Apple dog treats, Cheesy bone treats for getting more information on these treats you can take guidance of internet.

Here’s a funny video of a dog parent eating treats with their dog. Warning: Don’t Try This At Home. 😛

I hope we answered your query about What Should You Do First Before Giving a Dog a Treat. The last thing that you can keep in your mind is that you can break treat into smaller pieces as dogs are more concerned about getting a treat than its size. They will happily take a half a treat or even a quarter of treat.

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