What Neutralizes Dog Urine? How to Clean Dog Pee from Carpet and Hardwood Floor

Nowadays no family is complete without the presence of a furry playmate that brightens up the lives of everyone around him. But while our dogs play with us and keep us happy, many times, they get naughty and relieve themselves within the house, leaving behind a dreadful stain and a strong ammonia stench.

This happens more frequently in the case of senior dogs due to their growing age, while very less in the case of younger dogs who do it out of mischief.

To avoid the peril of removing your carpet every time your dog pees, this article aims at providing the answers to what neutralizes dog urine and the most effective ways to clean dog pee from the carpet.

How to get old dog urine stains out of the carpet?

Before going into the ways of cleaning the carpet, it is always advisable to find the reason as to why the dog is peeing on the carpet.

It can be due to many reasons including stress and sickness which might need immediate medical care or the lack of proper training since he is still a pup.

A dog’s sense of smell is 40 times better than a human’s and so it is important to completely clean dog pee from carpet otherwise the dog will keep on peeing in the same spot on the carpet.

  1. The best way to remove pee from the carpet right after the dog has gone and done his business is to use a combination of paper towels, rags, and newspapers. One needs to place the paper towels in a generous amount over the area and cover it with newspapers and press the towels in order for them to soak in as much pee as possible. Once the pee is soaked, one can remove the paper towels and repeat the same procedure if the pee has not been completely soaked.
  2. Once the pee is soaked, one needs to rinse the area with clean water and apply more paper towels to soak the water so that nobody slips and falls over it.
  3. The best way to disinfect the area where one’s dog peed is to apply vinegar over the area. The acidity of the vinegar is high enough to act as a natural disinfectant and kill all the germs and bacteria in the area. Vinegar is also pet-friendly and comes cheap and is naturally the best solution to disinfect the area.
  4. To get better results, one can pour some amount of baking soda over the vinegar as it then creates a foamy structure that can then be soaked in with paper towels to clean up the mess.

How to remove dog urine soaked into a hardwood floor?

For those pet owners with wooden floors at their place, what neutralizes dog urine becomes a life-changing question as the urine not only leaves a strong stench behind but can cause serious permanent damage to the wooden floor.

  1. Once the dog has done his business, it is imperative that one immediately soaks the urine in paper towels and keeps on repeating the process until most of the urine has been soaked in and removed from the floor.
  2. For wooden floors, it is best to purchase an enzyme-based floor cleaner that is also pet-friendly. One then needs to mix the cleaner with some hot water and mop the area affected with the urine as enzyme-based cleaners have the ability to break down the proteins present in urine and eliminate any further strong odor. In the absence of this cleaner, one can also use a mix of detergent powder and baking soda to get the job done.
  3. To avoid any more urine stench, one needs to apply some vinegar over the affected wooden floor for one whole day. While one might not agree with the stench of vinegar, over time, both the smell of the vinegar and the urine will fade away permanently.
  4. Wooden floors are prone to get affected more severely than other floors from dog urine. It is not the same as cleaning dog urine from carpet. To avoid permanent marks on the wooden floor, one needs to soak some towels in hydrogen peroxide and keep it over the affected area for a considerable amount of time to remove the possibility of any permanent stains setting in on the wooden floor.

The best way to clean dog urine from carpet

While many ponder over the best way to clean dog urine from carpet, the solution is actually quite simple and cost-efficient. It covers the question of what neutralizes dog urine as well with one simple solution.

The best way to clean dog urine from the carpet is to use a combination of vinegar and hot water in the same ratio and apply it over the area where the urine is. One needs to use a brush to scrub the area so that the vinegar solution gets properly soaked into the stained area. Once the vinegar solution is soaked into the carpet and all the ammonia from the urine is removed by the vinegar, paper towels need to be applied to the area to soak in the vinegar solution.

Once done, the next step includes applying some baking powder or detergent soap to get a foamy solution and brush the area thoroughly.

Finally, to remove any remaining odor, some amount of hydrogen peroxide can be applied to the affected area to remove the remaining stains and the remaining stench from the urine.

what neutralizes dog urine
What Neutralizes Dog Urine

Homemade Dog Urine Odor Remover

While the stench of dog urine can drive any person mad, the cost of such odor removal solutions can be quite expensive for many owners. To save unnecessary costs and expenditures, one can easily make a homemade solution to remove such dog stains.

The ingredients required for the homemade solution:

  • Empty Spray Bottle
  • White Vinegar
  • Dish Soap with Orange Fragrance or Wild Orange Essential Oil
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Baking Soda

The formula for the solution:

  • 5 oz hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 tsp vinegar
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp dishwasher orange soap (the orange scent helps in breaking the urine smell), or for best results use three drops of wild orange essential oil.

Once all of the ingredients are added into the spray bottle, one can simply spray the solution over the affected area and once dry, the solution turns into powder which can then be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

If the smell still prevails, one needs to repeat the same process as long as the smell does not disappear completely.

Any leftover of the solution once the smell has been taken care of, should be thrown away immediately and not left in the bottle unattended.

To make sure the area is clear and purified:

One needs to add six drops of Lemon Essential Oil to one cup of baking soda and place it in a container and shake until mixed properly.

Then the solution had to be sprinkled on the dry affected area and left alone for several hours overnight.

Finally, one needs to vacuum up the area and the area is as good as new.

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What to keep in mind?

While keeping a dog might seem like a happy affair to many who have not yet experienced it, in reality, cleaning after your dog’s mess can prove to be a hectic schedule if you don’t know what to do.

Urine stains on the carpet or wooden floor are one such serious issue that all pet owners have to deal with at one point or another. In such cases, one must maintain their cool and calm over their dogs and focus on finding the reasons behind why their pet is being this mischievous. Once that is taken care of, it is actually very easy to rake care of the stench and the stains that the urine leaves behind.

One can use a store-bought product or simply make their own product at their homes to save some money to clean up the mess their pets make.

Homemade remedies are generally more preferred amongst most owners as it reduces their costs and expenses along with providing a completely natural solution to their pet urine perils.

The owners must also make sure that their pets do not repeat the same mistake over and over again as in that case, no remedy will be able to prevent damage to the carpets and wooden floors.

Bottom Line

What neutralizes dog urine is a matter of concern amongst many owners, but quite frankly the solution is very simple and can be taken care of easily, as mentioned in this article.

Simple ingredients such as vinegar or baking powder that are available in every household can be used to take care of the smell and stench of dog urine.

Our dogs are the love of our lives and whatever they do, they do out of love and we need to care for them and the mess they make without being harsh on them.

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