Pet And Little Owl’s Adorable Friendship Beautifully Captured In Photographs


I wouldn’t have actually thought that an owl and a dog could become buddies till I saw these surprising and charming
pictures by Tanja Brandt, a professional animal photographer and collage artist in Germany. Ingo the shepherd pet and
Poldi the little owl seem more than happy to comfy approximately each other for photoshoots bathed in golden evening light.

If you like these photos, make certain to check out Brandt’s site, since Ingo has a great deal of lovely close
friends, be they other shepherds or other intense birds of prey besides Poldi. Brandt produces animal pictures
and collages professionally, so she appears to have a great deal of cooperative designs to deal with!


Though these pictures definitely are adorable and distinct, Ingo and Poldi aren’t the only unusual animal pals
out there– we have a post about all sorts of uncommon animal close friends!

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