Introducing Rusty and Dobby, the Embark Office Dogs



Its always exciting when I get to interview two office dogs!

Today, Im talking to Dobby and Rusty, from Embark, all the way in Sri Lanka! Dobby and Rusty: We are Sri Lankan Street Dogs a mix of everything great!

Dobby and Rusty:Embark is a dog welfare organization. We try to help other stray dogs with medical care. But our first order of the day is to greet the Embark humans as they arrive at work. It is essential that they get lots of doggy kisses before they start work.

We supervise as the humans answer their emails and hotline calls. Things get busy as they coordinate rescues, try to determine whether our fellow pooches can be treated onsite, need outpatient treatment or for long term care we send them to our pooch hospital. During weekly meetings we try to sit in but sometimes doze off. Oops!


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