“Why won’t he eat?”, my son asked me for the 2nd day in a row.

“Why can’t we help him?” It broke my heart, but I didn’t know what to tell him.

Our dog Benji wasn’t eating again. He was curled up in the corner, his stomach gurgles so loud you could hear them in the next room. My stomach sank, and felt about as bad as he looked.

This happened to Benji every 2 weeks and we had tried everything to figure out what it was.

We spent thousands on vet visits, special vet food, allergy tests, food additives… you name it. And he wasn’t getting better.

It wasn’t until we really dug in and looked at what he was eating – including all the extra additives, preservatives and mystery words on the label – that we discovered what was making him so miserable and sick.

And lead us down a path to discover what dogs really need to nourish their bodies… and how untested chemicals and additives can wreak havoc on their little systems.

We were crushed when we realized we were responsible for Benji’s pain and suffering, simply because we didn’t know any better. Simply because we thought dogs just eat kibble.

Since that day we vowed to get the word out that there’s a better way. A way to make sure your lovable furry friend gets the nourishment they might be missing, gets free from common pains and illnesses, and lives long, comfortable and happy lives with you through better health and nutrition.

That’s why we’re here. That’s why we do what we do.

Why we’re devoted to sharing a healthier path.

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