How to Prevent Dog Bites



The Ontario SPCA has made many videos since we started our YouTube Channel in 2007. But what are some of our most popular ones?

Here’s one that’s really up there – with28,217 views. This video features Dave Salmoniand one of our Ontario SPCA inspectors, Scott Sylvia, talking about how to prevent dog bites!

Watch it here!

Scott Sylvia says one way to prevent bites is to understand the dog’s behaviour.

“Some of them have a very high prey drive. So if you’re making fast movements, or you’re riding past them on a bike, that’ll probably engage them, they’ll want to chase it,” Sylvia says.

Sylvia also says a key thing is to respect the dog and respect their owners. He says to ask permission from an owner before approaching a dog.

Sasha from our dog bite video.


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