How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Dog | 5 Surefire Ways

Are you trying hard to convince your parents a get a dog?

It is going to be hard but it is possible.

Dogs are one of the funniest, friendliest & cutest ever and that’s why they are called as the man’s best friend. Getting a dog means adding an extra member to your family.

A dog would mean always having a friendly, furry-tailed friend smiling at you whenever you walk into a house. Being welcomed by your four-legged friend is one of the best things in the world.

But still, these all may not be the possible reasons for your parents to let you have a dog. They might have their own reasons which keep you from getting a doggie. So, today we will tell you how you can convince your parents to get a dog.

When you will follow what we are about to mention below, you will have higher chances of having a dog wagging its tail around your house.

Reasons why your parents wouldn’t want a dog

How to Convince your Parents to get a Dog
How to Convince your Parents to get a Dog

• Responsibilities– It’s a very big responsibility to get a dog and take its care. And you may not be responsible enough because of which your parents don’t want you to get a dog.

• Cleanliness– Maybe your parents are obsessed with keeping the house spotless and it’s very clear if you are going to get a dog, your house is not going look clean at all.

• Destructiveness– Most of the dogs as puppies could be very destructive. They will chew up your clothes, furniture, shoes. So you always have to be around him and distract him whenever he chews something which he is not supposed to.

• Extra Expenditure– It is very obvious that if you are going to buy a dog you have to spend some extra money on him for his living like- food, clothing, medicines etc. (This is also the most common question which is asked by parents).

How You Can Convince Your Parents to Get a Dog

How to Convince your Parents to get a Dog
How to Convince your Parents to get a Dog

But still, if you are sure that you can take care of a dog than you can easily take upon these points. By showing your parents or telling them that you are ready for a dog.

First arrange some cash, break your personal bank and hand over some bucks to your parents which you have been saving. Show them you are ready for this responsibility.

Do your parents always tell you to go outside and enjoy the sunshine? If so then tell them that having a dog will make you spend more time outside in the park, in the sunshine. You wouldn’t have to spend your time alone in the dark room, staring at the screen of a computer.

Tell them you will feel more safe with a dog encompassing in your house, with some careful training. Homes that have a visible dog inside are much less likely to be robbed as compared to the houses that don’t have a dog.

Having a dog will teach you to develop a routine. You will have to feed, walk & play with the dog at specific timings. Moreover having a dog will teach you the value of being responsible for another being. By this, you can tell your parents that it will make you a more responsible and careful person.

If you want to tell your parents that you are a great owner, so for that you have to help your parents in basic household work like- make your bed, keep the room clean, wash the dishes. Do anything that will help you to gain your parent’s trust and make you a responsible owner.

Benefits of Having a Dog (Your Parents Must Know)

Benefits of having a dog | How to Convince your Parents to get a Dog
How to Convince your Parents to get a Dog

While contradicting the Pros & Cons of having a dog we can say that there are both benefits and disadvantages of having a dog, but still it can be said that that there is more sort of benefits of having a dog.

• Physical Health– Owning a dog could save your money, you don’t have to spend plenty of money on your gym classes regularly. Your dog will always be there to work out with you; even the tiniest of dogs need to be walked. Studies say taking your dog to a 30 minute’s walk every day can significantly improve your health.

• Emotional Health– There has been a lot of studies which show that owning a pet can decrease your stress especially if you own a dog. It’s a fact that dogs provide emotional support. Research shows that owning a dog decreases your stress hormones which in turn reduces medical expenses for stress-related illness and even increases the human lifespan.

• Home Security– Dogs can be a capable home security guard. I don’t think that anyone will dare to rob into the house which has dogs as his/her home guards.

• Entertainment– Dogs can be a great source of entertainment too. You can play different games with them like- tug of war, search & sniff, Kong ball. These activities can be a great source of entertainment for them, and you can also get entertained by seeing them.

• Responsibility– Dog requires a lot of care; they need to be fed, walked, trained and played. It takes a lot of discipline and self-motivation to own a dog and take its care; you even have to manage your money for the same.

• Greatest Companion– Being able to talk with your best friend without any judgment can be one of the most liberating things you can do. Dogs prove to be great companions. Many persons have told their deepest and darkest secrets to their dogs. And when they do, they will get a lick from their dog instead of any judgment.

Pet dogs have proved to be excellent friends and investigators. They are used as security agents to get solutions to the problem by investigation agencies. They are called as smart animals as they can learn anything through proper training. They also have sharp vision and understanding power; thus they are also called as an intelligent animal too.

Or better, show them this video about why you should get a dog!


Owning a furry dog can be one of the greatest joys in life but there are also many responsibilities that come with a dog, and you have to make sure that you can take all those responsibilities.

To convince your parents to get a dog, you need to make them realize the pros of a dog. If you can show your parents that you are willing and able to take on that responsibility, you might just have secure yourself an incomparable best friend.

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