Dogs Are Better Than Boyfriends?


Dogs are known to be a mans best friend, but theyre a ladys best friend, too. In fact, it might even be safe to say that a dog makes a better companion than many people out there. You might be single, but if youve got a dog, youll probably realize your pet comes with perks that a boyfriendlacks:

1. Unlike a lot of guys, dogs are pretty loyal.
2. Dogs don’tshare secrets.
3. Much like cats, dogs are also cheaper than boyfriends.
4. Adog will always be happy to see you.
5. They make just about anything look cute.

6. It’s normalto laugh when your dog humps random things, but not normal when your boyfriend does it.
7. You never have to feel like you need to beg for attention from your dog.
8. Dogs don’t care about shallow things.
9. A dog can bring you a lot more positive attention than a boyfriend.
10. Dogs actually do cuddle up with you when you need to watch tearjerker films.
11. You don’t have to worry about a dog losing his good looks.
12. Dogs are also betterat chasing away creeps.
13. Dogs won’t begyou for anything other than toys or food.
14. You’ll never hear a dog complain about the clothes you picked for them.
15. You can’t make a meme out of your boyfriend as easily as you can make one of your dog.


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