7 Basic Dog Laws Every Dog Lover Should Know

The cute little puppy that attracts you with its eyes and you simply go ahead buy it, but there are several dog laws that the dog owners must be aware of before buying a pet.

The laws are in favor of society, dog, and people. A few laws are for the protection of the interests of the dog while some are for the protection of the people from a difficult dog.

dog laws
Dog Laws

Basic Requirements a Dog Owner Must Comply

  • Dog parents must license their dogs with the city, and in some cases, country.
  • Using a leash for a dog when in public is mandatory. Moreover, using a leash is safer for your dog as they can run away, get hit by a car, or attack someone and invite you more problems.
  • Vaccinating the dog for rabies is compulsory. You also require to carry proof of vaccination in order to license your dog.
  • You need to ensure hygiene when your dog is around. Scoop their poop whenever they do it in public to avoid inconvenience for other people.

The Dog Bite Law

A dog bite can cause serious damage, and if it is done on kids it could have dire consequences. Thus both the owner and non- owner need to know the dog bite laws if the situation so arises. If the dog bites a person it is the dog owner who is considered to be liable. This is only valid if the person who got bit does not provoke the dog.

People who are rough with the dog, or try to attack the dog, or are not trying to aggravate the dog are considered to be at fault. The dog if simply bites a passerby or a person standing nearby then it is considered to be the fault of the dog owner.

There is another addition to the law that states that if the dog bites for the first time without any knowledge of the dog’s aggression, then the owner is not considered as liable. If the dog attempt to bit a person and the owner is aware of it and then this dog if bites a person then the dog owner are considered as responsible.

dog laws
Basic Dog Laws

The Dog In Car Law

People get the dog in the car but there are many laws associated with it. The dog in the car should have access to food and water.

An officer if sees a dog locked in the car can break the windows of the car and set the dog free. If the weather is too hot or cold then the owner will get ticketed for keeping the dog in the car.

However, if the weather is mild and the dog is fine in the car then for a short duration it can be kept in it. There is another law regarding dogs while in transport.

There are people who let their dog wander in the car while they are driving but then it is not allowed. The dog must be in the seat as this will ensure the safety of the dog and prevent the driver from distractions.

The dog barking law

Dogs bark and it is common, but if the dogs’ bark for 20 minutes in a row then a complaint can be filed. There may not be specific dog barking laws but there is a noise ordinance. Therefore noise even if from the dogs is not accepted.

If the barking takes place in the night at 10 or 11 pm, the neighbors can file a complaint in the city council. A hearing can take place and this will determine what course of action needs to be taken.

The Service Dog In Training Law

As people train their dogs to be service dogs and consider them to be like that often take them inside the stores and in other public places, but this is not allowed.

The present service dog training laws claim that the dog is not yet considered a service dog and should not be treated like that to the public. The training needs to be first completed. Regular service dogs and dogs in training need to be on leash or harness when they are taken to public places.

The federal service dog laws

These laws state that there can be no discrimination with anyone with the disability.

If you have a service dog or a therapy dog, you or your dog cannot be denied to enter a public place rather they should have laws to accommodate you and your dog to the place.

Store employees or business workers may ask if the dog is the service dog or not but no proof for the same can be asked. Any sort of special tags or identity proof is not required to allow a disabled person and service dog in the location.

The Dog Abandonment Law

There are laws regarding the abandonment of dogs that states if the dog is not picked up within a certain time it is considered as abandoned. This law applies to the kennel, boarding facility, and veterinarian’s office. If the dog is not picked from the kennel within 14 days of the fixed date then the kennel may find another owner for the dog.

The dogs if found roaming in the street or left in public places then they are to be taken to a veterinarian for treatment and then to a shelter. However, if the owner tries to get the dog back then needs to pay fine.

We hope that now you are aware of these basic dog laws. All in all, the dog owner needs to be aware of these laws.

Reference: Animal Law

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