You 101 Simple Guide to Dog Health Insurance

If your dog is like one of your family members then definitely you want them to be protected like your own child. For, this the Insurance companies have started providing the Dog Insurance to the owners who want their pets (Dog) as secure as them.

Though this trend has not started in Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka but in western countries like the USA and UK, this trend is being followed from the last couple of years. So after all this, one of the most important questions which arise over here is the Pet Insurance worth it?

Like medical coverage for people, pet insurance policies are complicated. But from my point of view, it can certainly be worth it for your pet. Dog’s life insurance is divided up in two parts:

  • Accidental or Sudden Loss
  • Disease Coverage and wellness coverage

Everything is included in the first part of the policy except the regular Vet visits. So if your pet gets injured or sick under this policy then you have to cover all the expenditures of it from your pocket. Pet insurance is really designed to help with the unexpected costs, having a loved pet develop cancer and require treatments and medical requirements could be quite expensive. Well with pet insurance you can cover all these expenses for your dog at a very cheap rate which starts at around $19 per month. (Depends on the type, age, and breed of the dog)

The second part of policy provides everything related to dog’s health and accidental loss including regular wellness checks and routine care. The cost of this policy is around $20-$30 per month. (Depends upon age, type, and breed of dog).

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Things to be aware of while going for your Dog Insurance

  • Age of your pet- Pet insurance of older dogs is quite harder to find an older animal is more likely to require treatment as the same of humans. Some insurers will only allow you to take new insurance only when your dog is under eight or nine years of age or younger for some special breeds. One of the best and easiest ways of getting dog insurance is to buy lifetime dog insurance when they are young.
  • Pre-Existing Disorder- You must declare and pre-existing disorder when the Pet Insurers are trying to get insurance for your pet otherwise the policy may get void and company sue you for the same. If your pet does have a pre-existing disorder then you might be able to find a company to ensure you but chances are very rare for the same.
dog health insurance
Dog life and health insurance

Is Lifetime Insurance is really a good option for your dog?

Lifetime Pet Insurance can be the most expensive pet insurance that you can have for your dog but it’s totally the most comprehensive one and the best thing that you could have to do for your dog. Moreover, it will also give you a piece of mind that your loved pet life is secured. According to the ‘North American Pet Health Insurance Association’ (NAPHIA), the total number of pets insured in the USA and Canada reached 2.1 million at year end of 2017 up by 17 percent from 2016.

Treatments covered in Pet Insurance Plan

  • Accidents & Illness
  • Hereditary, Congenital and Chronic Conditions
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Emergency Care
  • Hospitalization
  • Specialist Care
  • Prescription Medication
  • Surgery

Benefit Limits of Dog Health Insurance

dog health insurance

Depending on the Pet Insurance Company, your plan may provide unlimited benefits or your benefits may depend on annual, lifetime or per condition bases depending upon the plan you have taken. But I would personally prefer you to have that Insurance which covers unlimited lifetime benefits for your dog. Having a plan without limits means that you can give your pet the best care possible year after year, however, you may find out the difficulty with this Insurance because of its price. Just remember to plan for the unexpected.

How to get Lifetime Health Insurance for your dog?

  • Vetting and Purchasing life insurance plan
  1. Assess your finances- Before going out for dog health insurance you have to ask yourself would you really able to afford this plan for your pet. Think critically why do you need this coverage and what benefits you could get from it. Evaluate the reasons that may cause your pet’s death and what could be the cost for treatment of these diseases and how this could impact your overall budget and income.
  2. Talk to your Vet– Another step that you have to consider while buying the life insurance for your dog is to talk to the veterinarian that you usually go out with your dog. Try to get more specific information about the animal’s current medical condition. Identify those underlying illness that may cause death to your dog.
  3. Evaluate available pet life insurance policies– There are about 11 companies in the U.S that offer life insurance policies for the dog. Be specific and figure out the aspects that you are expecting from the policy for your dog.

Understanding Dog life insurance

  1. Understand what pet life insurance is- Most pets don’t really provide an income, so dog health insurance doesn’t provide a big amount like as of human life insurance, it is more a type of health insurance. Pet insurance can be used to cover only funeral or cremation costs as a dog doesn’t generate any income for the family.
  2. Ask whether your pet is worth it- This statement doesn’t mean to say that how much you love or cherish your pet. It means that whether your dog is generating any income for you by winning some competitions or if he is very famous in the locality, thus giving a higher value in the eyes of the insurance company.
  3. Know what the insurance covers- Knowing what are the things that are being covered up in the insurance.
  4. Knowing Limitations- There are some limitations on which pets are not eligible for the insurance. Like if they are having any pre-order disorder or if they are above 8 years. However, every company has a different policy for what they cover and what they don’t.
  5. Considering the plan- There is a considerable amount of overlap between dog health insurance policies and dog life insurance policies, so go through each of them carefully to know what you are actually paying for.
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