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“You’re here because your German Shepherd dog or puppy is not doing what YOU want, right?”

If your answer is YES, then you'll love what you'll find here...

Check out the 34 most common German Shepherd behavioral issues below...
If your problem is here, I can help.

  • 1

    Pulling on the leash (not walking properly)

  • 2

    Jumping up at You or other people

  • 3

    Not coming when called (recall)

  • 4

    Toilet training

  • 5

    Mouthing and biting

  • 6

    Crying when left alone

  • 7

    Not responding to commands

  • 8


  • 9

    Chewing objects

  • 10

    Stealing objects

  • 11

    Separation anxiety

  • 12

    Aggression towards other peoples dogs

  • 13

    Aggression between Your dogs

  • 14

    Aggression towards strangers and visitors

  • 15

    Aggression towards You

  • 16

    Aggression towards objects

  • 17

    Aggression towards other animals

  • 18

    Running away from home

  • 19

    Barking at the front door

  • 20

    Barking on the walk

  • 21

    Barking in the car

  • 22

    Barking around the property

  • 23

    Barking when your dog is home alone

  • 24


  • 25

    Excessive licking or chewing of themselves

  • 26

    Constant following and attention seeking

  • 27

    Tail chasing

  • 28

    Jumping on furniture

  • 29

    Fear of objects

  • 30

    Fear of people or other dogs

  • 31

    Fear of sounds such as fireworks, thunder

  • 32

    Submissive urination

  • 33


  • 34

    Coprophagia (poop eating)

Welcome To The Solution

No matter what problems you're having, The Online Dog Trainer is the solution. My video website will give you the right info, tools and confidence to correct ANY dog behaviour – and get your puppy off to the best start. It's the most complete training possible, PLUS I'll be there to guide you and tailor-make your success program.

See The Amazing Results Other People Have Had

You can't learn how to train your German Shepherd just by reading about it... these people have been able to see and hear it being done so they could copy the exact body language and tone of voice I use. They've watched and re-watched the videos, at home or on the walk, and removed all frustrations while rapidly increasing the speed of their dog's learning!

Will It Work On All Breeds? - Yes, Absolutely

Got more than one dog? - No more hunting for breed specific solutions. This amazing method works with all breeds, ages, shapes and sizes and covers everything you'll ever need to know. Your search is over.

Tell me more about my $1 Trial

Hi! I'm Doggy Dan...

Dog Trainer, Behaviorist, Author and Speaker

As a full-time, professional dog trainer, I've seen it all. And I show you the very same proven techniques in the videos as I use everyday in my own live consultations. This is not a collection of YouTube videos from some wannabe dog trainer. It's a culmination of my life's work with dogs and their owners. You get an expert dog trainer at your service, in your home or on the walk, at anytime.

The Only SPCA Endorsed Method

My dog training resource is the ONLY one proactively used by and endorsed by the SPCA (NZ Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Feel safe knowing that no harsh methods are used on your beloved pet; we only teach kind, gentle methods that work. This is why over 10,000 people have been happy to use my training on their dogs, with excellent results.

My Method Is Fun And Easy

Feeling like owning a dog or puppy is no longer enjoyable? Well relax and let the stress disappear as you create a beautiful new relationship with your best friend. The techniques are so simple even the kids can get involved - just the way it should be!

Thousands Of Happy Dog Owners Have Transformed Their Relationship With Their Dog - And You Can Do It Too...

She was NIGHTMARE! We were desperate:

Now they're best mates after just 3 DAYS:

He just OBEYS us now!

We had 12 issues and SOLVED them all!

We can EASILY leave her at home alone now:

The whole family thought I was a HERO:

I feel in CONTROL – I know what to do now:

She doesn't jump anymore – AMAZING!

At the SPCA we use Dan's site to SAVE DOGS LIVES:

"Dan has given our SPCA's access to his website to equip them with the tools they need to Save Lives - because dog aggression or just bad behavior can mean the difference between life and death for a stray or unwanted dog. I fully recommend Doggy Dan and his method!"

Robyn Kippenberger, Former National Chief Executive NZ SPCA

As a Vet I ONLY recommend Doggy Dan's training website:

"As a Vet I now have somewhere to point my customers to - a solution to every dog behavior issue. Definitely recommending it to all my clients! Congrats on putting together what is undoubtedly the best dog training site on the web."

Dave van Zwanenberg, BVet Med (Hons) MRCVS - Kumeu

It's now ESSENTIAL for all our clients to use 'The Online Dog Trainer':

“Thanks Doggy Dan! We love your dog training site and are recommending the site to all our clients... in fact I am telling everyone that we are using your rules, tools and techniques at our Doggy Day Care and they must join so that their dogs have the same consistency at home.”

Lisa Hudson, Owner & Vet Nurse, Absolutely Precious Paws

Instant success after other "EXPERTS" failed:

"We had numerous "expert dog trainers" work with Mitsy, to no avail, so I was skeptical when your website was recommended. But I can truly say that your simple method has won her over, and now I'm a total believer. Mitsy's so much better and her aggressive behaviour change around us and other dogs is remarkable. Absolutely no aggression at all. Recommended to all!"

Robert and Fay - Sandspit
Robert and Fay - Sandspit Retired

Dan knows EXACTLY what works with puppies:

“I started training with Doggy Dan's videos several weeks before bringing home our 7 week old puppy. When Abby arrived, I felt well equipped to tackle raising a puppy. By then I had watched every video and really focused on the Project Moses training. I was amazed with the results with my very young girl. Dan knows exactly what works to change a dog’s bad behavior.”

Chris Teer
Chris Teer 11 week old Golden Doodle puppy

Within 20 minutes we were taking back control:

"When I first saw your site I thought, oh yeah, how long is this gentle approach going to take? But within 20 minutes of applying your method we were taking control of Sammy. Overnight he changed radically; he's much happier and the jumping, barking, peeing etc has all calmed down. I was always annoyed, but now I'm in total control and he's a real member of our family. Thank you Dan."

Ellen Ming - Bucklands Beach
Ellen Ming - Bucklands Beach Real Estate Agent

Different dog! Calm when other dogs walk past:

"Our dream of a great dog was over for good, and we really thought it was always going to be like this… Benji would pull and lunge towards other dogs to sniff, or start barking to get their attention. It was driving my husband and I crazy. But after Doggy Dan’s training Benji is now a different dog! He still has his spunk and loves to play but is calm when other dogs walk past. It is brilliant."

Monique Teterin - Auckland
Monique Teterin - Auckland Marketing Coordinator

"So Why Can Living With A Dog Be So Hard?"

With the nickname of "man's best friend" you'd expect it to be easy and natural to share your home with a dog. But really, it isn't like that. I bet the reason you're reading this is because you're struggling to build the rewarding relationship with your dog you so desperately want.

So I'll let you in on a GIGANTIC SECRET... (and it's something that most dog trainers are 100% guilty of!)... here it is:

Mistakenly, people expect dogs to THINK like humans,and then they TREAT them like humans.

Yep, this is the fatal flaw we all make and why it all goes so wrong.Think-like-a-dog

You see, a dog is a dog. A canine. A completely different species. And they always will be. Dogs don't think like we do or respond to our our actions the way we want them to. The same way a bird or a horse has their own way of thinking.

But when we understand what's actually going on with our dogs, and know what they respond to, then we can win their minds. And the behavioral training then becomes easy.

Today, with The Online Dog Trainer you'll get the tools to transform your dog into your best mate, and you can get them for FREE...

What's Different About My GSD Training Method?

  • You create lasting changes

    My method explains how to simply treat the underlying cause of bad behaviour and not just the symptoms. This means that the problems go away for good. You’re not just applying a Band Aid.

  • You get results quickly

    Using my 5 Golden Rules of Becoming The Pack Leader to win over your dog’s mind, you remove their stress of being in charge all the time – the changes can be dramatic, just applying the minimum training!

  • It makes YOU feel great

    Dogs love calm and gentle techniques and by implementing my training, you’re working with your dog’s nature, not against it. So not only do you feel good but your dog will also appreciate that there’s no need for screaming and shouting. Lets face it; we all love it when we’re obeyed.

  • Save yourself a fortune over the lifetime of your dog

    Many people spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, in training for their dogs and they still end up with problems. The truth is you don’t need to. This site gives you all you require to build an amazing bond with your dog that will last their whole life.

  • See me train untrained dogs (nothing is staged)

    Watch live cases and see what I do as I work with dogs and their owners that desperately need training. You can see the before, the during and the results.

  • Fit the training into YOUR schedule

    I know you’re run off your feet and trying to get to live dog training is almost impossible, (and can be a waste of time) but now you can do it when it suits you, from the comfort of your home.

  • Do things the right way from the start

    You’ll discover that much of the training “advice” out there is, in fact, absolute rubbish. When you understand my method, you’re set up to succeed.

  • Easily share with your partner and children

    Working on issues as a family is proven to give even faster and more solid results.

Yes, I Want An Amazing Relationship With My DogTell Me More About My $1 Trial

Take A Quick Tour Inside The Site
And See Everything You Need To Train Your Dog

Now Let's Look At Each Section In Detail...

Section #1. How To Become The Pack Leader

The BIG, BIG Secret To Dog Training

  • Almost no one understands how to do this, or how simple it is. I'll explain there are five simple Golden Rules you put in place to quickly transform how your dog responds to you.
  • Aggression, trouble on the walk, excessive barking, not coming when called: just about every problem is resolved when you know how to be the Pack Leader.
  • Without them you'll never win over dog's mind, and you simply won't be able to train them successfully.
  • Videos: 22 (Plus Audios, Articles and PDF Downloads)
  • Real Value: Priceless! But seriously, it's a full day of training with me and worth well over $249.00

Section #2. Everyday Tools & Techniques

The Tools Every Dog Owner Needs

  • See not only what techniques I use, but also how easy they are when you know their effectiveness.
  • I'll show you The Short Line, the Energy Meter, the Stick Trick, the Long Line, the Calm Freeze, and many more... everything I use in my job, each and every day with my clients. With these tools, you'll never come across a dog situation that you won't feel 100% in control of.
  • Videos: 18 (Plus Articles and PDF Downloads)
  • Real Value: $49.00

Section #3. Puppy Training

What You HAVE To Know About Your Puppy

  • This complete section includes general health, getting started, socializing, behavioral issues and command training.
  • How to make sure your puppy becomes a pleasure to you and your family.
  • Videos: 31 (Plus Audios, Articles and PDF Downloads)
  • Real Value: $79.00

Section #4. Project Moses Video Diary

How To Raise The Perfect Puppy

  • A revolutionary way of training your puppy. Follow the Video Diary of an 8 week old puppy through to 1 year. Watch me as I train Moses and share the secrets of success as he grows into an absolutely fantastic dog.
  • Everything you need to know first hand about raising your puppy is here.
  • Videos: 68
  • Real Value: $89.00

Section #5. Dog Problems

Whatever Your Problem Is, Consider It SOLVED

  • The full range of dog behavioural issues is completely covered off.
  • Easy solutions to urgent problems - from pulling on the leash to dog-on-dog aggression.
  • Videos: 56 (Plus Audio, Articles and PDF Downloads)
  • Real Value: $119.00

Section #6. Dog Training

Complete Understanding + Advanced Training

  • This is where you really start to understand what your dog is and how to connect. Apply these tips and you'll see how easy it is to turn your dog into a happy, respectful and well-mannered member of the family.
  • Videos: 41 (Plus Audios, Articles and PDF Downloads)
  • Real Value: $89.00

That adds up to a Total Value of over $675.00

Wow! And you get access to ALL this immediately when you sign up for just $1 (for processing).

I’m so passionate about dogs and helping their owners that I want to share this incredible resource with as many people as I can. So grab your 3-Day $1 Trial of The Online Dog Trainer now and let’s change the world of dog training together.

Take a tour of the whole website; watch the videos, read the articles, listen to the audios. See for yourself the quality and quantity of the training material.

After these 3 days, you can either cancel and take away the incredible techniques to use forever…OR…if you think it’s right for you and your dog, become a full monthly member for just $37p/m – it’s really up to you.

As A Monthly Member You Get These 3 Awesome Bonuses

I invite you TODAY to join the $1 Trial which will enable you to continue your journey towards a well behaved, well trained dog. And if you stay on and become a Monthly Member you'll also be able to start benefitting from my 3x FREE Bonuses that will accelerate your learning...

Bonus #1. Exclusive Forum Access

I Will Help You Personally

This is where you get to actually connect with me in person. Ask me questions, show me videos of your dog’s problem, get access to me for real. I’ll analyse your situation, prescribe a solution, and help you implement it.

Or just socialise with the members and get to know other like-minded dog lovers from all over the world. Our members are also sharing valuable ideas, tips and tricks on all dog issues.

Value: $149.00 - Yours For FREE

Bonus #2. Weekly Video Updates

Get Faster Results By Boosting Your Learning

I’m continuing to film my live consultations and each week I’ll be adding more videos to help reinforce your training as you watch me transform other dogs.

  • See how I put the 5 Golden Rules into place.
  • Watch me in different environments with unique dogs.
  • Every week there's something new.

Value: $69.00 - Yours For FREE

Bonus #3. Download Library

The Good Stuff You Get To Keep

Full monthly members also get access to my library of downloads. You get to keep this awesome material and use on your own personal devices or play in your car.

Some of the downloads include:

  • Doggy Dan’s Puppy Talk Series 1 – “7 Secrets To Puppy Training”.
  • Doggy Dan’s Dog Talk Series 1 – “9 Advanced Vocal Commands”.
  • Doggy Dan’s Dog Training Audio Library – “Understanding your dog PART 1”.

Value: $69.00 - Yours For FREE

Get Fast, Permanent Results Today

Get access now and check out the whole program with your $1 Trial

Remember, a 3 hour dog training consultation with me will cost you $440!

But right now you can try my one-stop solution (with a real value of over $962) for ONLY $1.

I want YOU to be sure this is RIGHT for you… and if you decide to stay on,
you’ll pay $37 per month for full access.

It’s a small price to pay for a lifetime investment in the happiness your dog will bring you.

Many people spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on the wrong training,
and when you start to include all the council costs for barking, escaping fines, and damage to property,
you just can’t beat this for value.

Why Pay $440 For A Dog Trainer For 3hrs?

Get Access Now For 3 Days For Just…


100% Risk-Free: 60 Days Money Back Guarantee.
You are free to cancel anytime. Simply email me at

Have you finally had enough of the continual struggle your dog
brings and all the dramas that go with it?
Don’t leave it until the situation explodes and reaches a crisis.

Yes! I’m Ready To Start My $1 Trial For 3 Days Now…

To ensure your information stays secure,
The Online Dog Trainer payments are backed by McAfee Secure,
so you know you can order from us at any time in full confidence!

"Doggy Dan’s tips and instructions on handling our Schnoodle puppy Manu have been absolutely invaluable. His simple and easy going presentation makes it a great experience for the whole family. I’m thrilled at how much more we’ve learnt about her needs and what a loving and obedient dog Manu has turned into. Our family wouldn’t be the same without her." Mike McRoberts - TV3 News, Television Journalist
I had my reservations about what I could possibly learn from Doggy Dan’s video website, as I have many years of experience working with hundreds of dogs and I have already read and watched everything I could get my hands on, however I was very pleasantly surprised to learn several new techniques within the first few videos and was able to put them to good use immediately, so I can heartily recommend Doggy Dan’s video website to anybody who is looking to learn safe, humane, simple, but effective techniques for both training and rehabilitating dogs.” Sean Mc Cormack - SPCA of Taiwan, Co Founder and Executive Director
"We weren’t so sure, but finally signed up and are on day two of the 5 golden rules. Amazing! Our sweet 2 year old has been to obedience training, but it was over a year ago and now he is in adolescence and still working out some kinks. These rules are all we need to get our pup to where he needs to be. The stopping the barking with a thank you is a magic bullet! And after 2 meals of rule #1 he is back to eating his entire meal! He knew what we meant immediately. Thanks so much! You are the real deal!" Teresa Grow, Los Angeles
"We’ve all committed 100% to your five golden rules and Huxley has responded so quickly, it’s as though he’s relieved we’re finally speaking his language! I really can’t thank you enough… The simplicity and logic of your approach just makes so much sense, the change in all of our attitudes was immediate, especially Dad’s. I really believed it would be more of a struggle to get him to accept a different way of doing things, but it’s as though you flicked a switch in his mind. He spent much of Saturday evening ruminating over all the mistakes they made with their last dog and wishing he had known better. You have no idea how ground-breaking that is! I think you might have magical powers :-)" Alison Hare, Port Shepstone

tick2  You're one click away from the FASTEST way to solve all your dog's behavior problems
and transform your dog into the friend you love coming home to.


60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you stay on to become a Monthly Member and decide you’re really not happy with the results you’re achieving from using The Online Dog Trainer, just email us and we’ll happily refund your money for a full 60 Days.


What You Won't Find Inside The Online Dog Trainer...

My kind and gentle method will make you so glad you took the time to actually understand your dog rather just using force to try and stop them. Nobody really wants to spend their time shouting and growling at their dogs. Using fear and aggression to train dogs is totally unnecessary when you know what to do.

By using my proven, calm and effective approach to dog and puppy training there's a lot of things you will never need (and that don't work):

  • No electric collars!
  • No bark collars!
  • No citronella spray!
  • No water bottle spraying!
  • No chain throwing!
  • No dominating your dog!
  • No shouting or growling at your dog!
  • No shaking rocks in a jar!
  • No water pistols!
  • No harsh corrections on the leash!

Having a well behaved dog in public is something that we all long for. Those around you will be dying to know how you turned your dog into something so special. In fact it's likely that they'll be asking you for tips!

I Can't Wait To Get Started Helping You And Your Dog
Enjoy A Beautiful Relationship Together...

This site is a dream come true for me. A place where all dog and puppy owners can come to for any dog training solution. It's the culmination of years and years of my passion and experience, working one-on-one with dogs and changing people's relationships with their pets forever. I'm positive you'll achieve phenomenal results and I look forward to hearing all about it!

Doggy Dan, The Online Dog Trainer

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I like what I see in the $1 Trial, how do I then become a Monthly Member? +

A: Upgrading from the 3-Day Trial of The Online Dog Trainer to the full Monthly Membership is an automatic process. This means that as the 3-Day Trial ends, and you have NOT cancelled your subscription, then you will automatically be enrolled into the Monthly Membership and billed for the first month. So if you want to stay on, you don’t have to do anything at all. You will continue to have access seamlessly, without stopping.

And remember, you can cancel at any time. We’ve had over 10,000 customers go through our program and cancel successfully without any issues. Cancelling your account is easy, see the FAQs below to find out more.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription to the $1 Trial? +

A: It’s really easy to cancel your 3-Day $1 Trial. All you have to do is send an email to saying you’d like to cancel. As long as you send it to me before the 3 days is up, I will happily cancel your account for you.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription to the Monthly Membership? +

A: It’s really easy to cancel your Monthly Membership. All you have to do is send an email to saying you’d like to cancel. As long as you send it to me at least a day before your next monthly billing, I will happily cancel your account for you.

Q: How much is the Monthly Membership? +

A: If you decide to stay on after the 3-Day $1 Trial you will automatically become a Monthly Member. You will then be billed $37 for your first month's access as soon as the $1 Trial expires (after 3 days).

Then you will be rebilled $37 every 30 days for as long as wish to remain a member.

The easiest way to think about it is like this: "I pay $1 for 3 days to check it out, then I pay $37 per month to continue."

There are no other costs, and you are free to cancel at any time.

Q: Will I get access to Doggy Dan for discussion and questions? +

A: Your 3-Day $1 Trial doesn’t include direct access to Doggy Dan. Once you join us as a Monthly Member however, you will get access to our private Forum with direct and unlimited access to Doggy Dan. This enables you to interact with Dan and fellow dog lovers, discuss challenges you have with your dog and celebrate your training successes as well.

To become a Monthly Member, just sign up for the $1 Trial and after 3 days you'll automatically become a full Monthly Member.

Our Monthly Members will also get access to two other Bonuses: All Doggy Dan's Weekly Video Consultations, Plus the Download Library.

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