31 Exciting Brown Dog Names for your Chocolaty Pooch

Have you got a new brown dog or planning to get one? But confused what you should name it?

Don’t you worry, because we are here to help you. Hopefully, you will find the perfect name to fit for your brown dog.

So before jumping to the list of brown dog names, you need to go through these questions you can ask yourself.

  1. What is the size of your dog?
  2. What is the gender of your brown dog?
  3. What is the nature of your dog?

Asking these questions is very important, as you don’t want to call a cute nonaggressive poodle, Bruno which sounds like a bear.

brown dog names

Also, you don’t want to call your female brown dog with a male brown name as it will be confusing your friends and neighbors. And of course, the size is also a huge factor. Imagine calling a huge brown dog chip as in chocolate chip. It might sound cute when it’s a puppy but you have to realize the dog is going to grow and the name than might not do justice to the size of the dog. You need to keep a badass name for your dog.

Also, you might not want to go with some of the obvious names which are quite common nowadays. Don’t worry, as we have got some new, rare, exotic names with reasons explaining the meaning and origin of the names. So tomorrow if someone asks you about the name, you should be equipped with a perfect answer to give.

So, let us start with the list of names of brown dogs.

For a fresh approach, let us start with Female names for brown dogs, and why not?

Top 10 Female Brown Dog Names

female brown dog names
Brown Dog Names
  1. Cookie: This one is a very popular name, as it sounds sweet and is short to remember too. A cookie is a great name as its modern, short and since it’s short, it’s easy even for the dog to remember to respond too.
  2. Amber: Amber is also a good choice as it represents the color amber and sound elegant. This name suits the breeds that are on the lighter notes of the brown color coat.
  3. Coco: This is by far the most popular name among the brown dog owners. This name represents cocoa color and is also symbolic of sweetness. So you have a cute poodle, chances are, this name will definitely suit it.
  4. Bella: Bella is again a popular name which translates into ‘Beautiful’ in Italian. Even Bollywood celebrity Disha Patani has named her brown pooch, Bella.
  5. Marron: This literally means Brown in French. This is not a common name, but you can use if you want to stand out among other pet owners. Plus French is always classy.
  6. Honey: Honey is a great name for a brown golden color canine breed. It’s simple, sweet and also modern.
  7. Autumn: This is a modern name. The name “autumn” represents the leaf color at the end of the “autumn season”.
  8. Reese: Is your dog very enthusiastic about going out and always ready to play? Well, Reese is the perfect name then, as it literally means enthusiastic.
  9. Caramel: Caramel represents caramel made from sugar. Is your dog, brown, sweet and loved by all? You found the right name for her.
  10. Hershey: Hershey it is. As in Hershey syrup or Hershey kisses. The choice is yours.

Here’s a bonus name for your brown pup.

  1. Hazel: Ever heard of Hazelnut? It’s a health nut. Does your pooch keep you active and healthy by going nuts? Hazel, it is, then.

Now let us look at some of the names for Brown male dogs.

Top 10 Male Brown Dog Names

male brown dog names
Brown Dog Names
  1. Bruno: Just like Bruno the bear, Bruno is a common brown dog name. This name is best suited for a big breed of the brown dog.
  2. Nugget: This is also a popular name which suits a small breed. The name nugget means small piece. It’s a cute and simple name, like a chocolate nugget.
  3. Goofy: Remember the Disney cartoon character Goofy? The name is unique and works if your dog is kind of a goofball that acts kind of silly but at the end is still cute.
  4. Mocha: Mocha is kind of a cool name which represents a dark shade of brown color. Mocha is short yet hip hop kind of name. The name has a cool vibe with it. It surely will make your dog stand out among other names.
  5. Chip: Chip as in chocolate chip is also a popular name. Got a small canine breed with a brown coat, place all your chips on the chip. Short, elegant, simple. Period.
  6. Maple: The Name represents the color of Maple tree or Maple syrup, whichever matches your dog’s shade of brown. Maple can be used for male as well as a female dog but sounds better for a male dog.
  7. Copper: Copper is also a great name which represents copper color and also works great if you are a cop. Just kidding.
  8. Canela: Canela means cinnamon in Spanish. As we all know cinnamon which is of brown color and also sweet. It really sounds manly and cool for a big brown dog.
  9. Bourbon: In America, they have Bourbon whiskey, and both are brown in color. Choice of origin is yours. The name doesn’t become less cool either way.
  10. Dusty: Is your dog of a mixed brown color coat? Is he not so hairy? He likes to go and play outside a lot? Dusty is the perfect fit for your 4 legged brown buddies.

Now let’s look at some of the gender-neutral names of brown dog which works for both male brown dog and female brown dog.

Top 10 Gender Neutral Brown Dog Names

neutral brown dog names

  1. Java: Java means coffee. And who doesn’t like coffee? Are you a programmer or just know Java? Use this opportunity to flaunt your java nomenclature skills.
  2. Chai: Are you not a fan of coffee? Do you at least like tea then? You can name your dog chai, which translates to tea in Hindi. Imagine this, you are enjoying a cup of chai in your garden and chai is relaxing besides you.
  3. Foxy: Have you got a German shepherd or another mix brown color dog? If yes, then you can call it Foxy. Don’t worry about whether it’s a male or female as this name works great for either one.
  4. Fudge: Who doesn’t like chocolate fudge cake? It’s warm, always brings a smile on your face and sweet. Creates mess but still worth it. Does your dog have these qualities? Then Make sure to Name it Fudge.
  5. Pancake: Pancake is a personal choice as some people call their loved ones pancake. If you won’t have that confusion problem, then it’s a ‘sweet’ name for your dog.
  6. Brownie: Brownie as in chocolate brownie. The origin of the name doesn’t get clearer than this. You don’t like complicating things? Or you are a fan of brownie? Or Brownie was an instinctive name that came to your mind? It doesn’t matter, the choice is yours. Brownie it is.
  7. Mudd: This is also a gender-neutral name. Mudd as in derived from mud or muddy. It’s a short and simple name to remember, for you as well as the dog.
  8. Bhura: Bhura means brown in Hindi. Though if you are Indian you might want to choose something a little less obvious. But if you are not Indian, then Bhura is a very cool name for your brown dog.
  9. Cheddar: Cheddar is the name of golden cheese. It’s a very popular gender-neutral name for brown dogs nowadays. So got a golden brown dog, who melts in your arms and wags tale every time you call it with the name Cheddar? You got a perfect fit then.
  10. Espresso: Have you got a highly energetic dog, which is of a short breed, who loves to express itself with barks and howling? Well, well, well, you have got yourself an Espresso. Short but packed with full of energy like an Espresso coffee shot.

How to Name your Dog

These are some of the most popular names for brown dogs. If you want to name your dog, you can follow this guide, for the best result try some of these tips.

  • First tip: Make sure you name your dog when it’s a puppy. This is because chances are the dogs may not adapt to a new name when it’s grown up.
  • Second tip: Choose the name of the dog based on the breed of the dog as the name should suit the breed and size of the dog in the long run.
  • Third tip: Check which name your dog responds to. Of course, all factors mentioned above are important, but if your dog responds to a particular name then you can go for it, no matter if it fits other criteria, as it will be helpful for your dog to remember to respond to.


There are many factors, which can determine the name of your dogs, like the color, the breed, the size, the dog’s favorite food item, your favorite name from a movie or a book. Each name is unique and has its own sentimental value. Don’t bother getting the approval of the name you give to your pet, your friend from others. Don’t let other’s opinion budge your decision of a name you and your dog likes.

Hopefully, you found this article helpful and it helped you decide a name for your new friend. Have you got any more suggestions for us or any other brown dog names to add to our list? Cool, write them in the comments section below. We always love feedback. If you liked it or found it useful, share the article.

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