160+ Badass Dog Names for Your Gangsta Fur Baby

Since you are here, we’re assuming you have a rough and tough dog and you are looking for badass dog names for your hound.

Importance of choosing the right name for your dog can never be underestimated. It is as important as keeping a name for a human. As soon as one sees your pet the first question asked is its name, thus ultimately it starts with the name.

Though there are several things to remember while picking the name for your cute gangsta fur baby. The name should be cute and perfectly apt for your fur baby. The name chosen for your fur baby does not only represent it but also shows your taste and speaks volume about your personality.

Dogs are cute and lovely animals. They have been our best friend from time memorial and attract love and care from humans. They are intelligent and agile along with being so loyal. They show us pure love that is completely unconditional, and they even go as far as visiting the graves of deceased owners.

So, if you are obsessing over the perfect badass name for your puppy, it is totally worth it. I can understand that it can be tiring and confusing, but when you finally find the right name for your puppy, it will all be worth it.

Here are a few guidelines to make the experience of naming your dog both fun and fulfilling.

  • Remember it is a name you will be using in public. It is important to select a name that you will be comfortable with mentioning in public.
  • Physical appearance can also be criteria. You may find inspiration in the physical attributes of your pup, maybe Brownie for a brown colored dog.

Giving your dog a good name will help him in the long run to have a good recall. Getting a dog is not easy right from getting a good breed and getting him home is a long journey. There is much of complex activities and hassles like health tests and getting the pup ready for all types of training like potty training and much more. Thus while naming the little ball of fur you need to be careful and make it a fun-filled event. It is very important to have a good name for your new companion.

Where to take inspiration from?

The inspiration for badass dog names can come from sources like cigarettes brands, dog breed, cars, Disney characters, movie characters, names of your kids, series, chocolates, fiction, reality, superwomen or Superman, and colors and much more. The whole universe conspires and gives you strong inspiration to name your little baby and enjoy your bond with the dog.

You and the new puppy should love the name so that it responds most beautifully to the name and comes running to you with the mere sound of the name. even when in public or with unfamiliar faces if the name is announced the dog responds. It is your little baby whom you love from the core of your heart so the name should be most importantly out of love.

Why you should choose a tough name for your dog?

Dogs are tough maybe not in their physical build up but in their personality, character, emotional support and their love for you. Thus giving them a tough name will be apt to their character. It will further instill strength and toughness in them. Dogs wearing tough names simple look cute and this is the reason that you could peep in the list below for tough badass names for your male dogs or tough badass names for your female dogs. These tough badass names will give a sense of safety and security to you and the dog.

Here is a detailed list of the names that could be chosen for your tough badass canines.

badass dog names, tough dog names
Badass Dog Names

Badass Dog Names for Male Dogs

  • Ajax- mythical Greek hero who held the entire Trojan army at bay during the Trojan war.
  • Ajej– means sandstorm in Moroccan Arabic
  • Al- after Alcatraz
  • Amir- it means power in Hebrew
  • Arcade- short for the Arcade Fire
  • Ares- the Greek god of war
  • Atlas- from Greek Mythology who carried the world on his back
  • Bacchus- the Greek god of wine
  • Bandit– one who is outcast for being a rebel
  • Bonney- Billy the kid’s last name
  • Bonnie- from Bonnie and Clyde
  • Bouncer- strong well built
  • Brendon- meaning brave
  • Brick– strong substance used for construction
  • Brutus- comes from brut meaning strong
  • Brenden- from the Gaelic meaning brave
  • Bruiser- getting hurt
  • Bullet- from gun and bullet
  • Chino- state prison men for men in California
  • Cane- the stick that it thin but hits very hard
  • Capone- the boss of Chicago Mafia
  • Champ- winner and buddy
  • Crusher- thing that crushes everything, it sounds tough
  • Dexter- a fictional killer
  • Diesel- fuel used in cars
  • Freddie- After Freddie Kruger
  • Garvan- from Celtic meaning rough
  • Genghis- the fierce founder of the Mongolian Empire
  • Grit– a strong sounding name
  • Gunner- from Swedish, meaning strong in battle
  • Gun- a weapon used in battle
  • Hatfield- a tough prison in Yorkshire, UK
  • Hitman– a strong name
  • Iggor- Russian warrior for peace
  • Jagger- the famous rockstar
  • Jumbo- large
  • Kevlar– type of woven armor
  • King- the ruler
  • Larry- the famous basketball player
  • Loki- the shape-shifting Norse God of troublemaking and mischief
  • Leo- the baby of a lion
  • Lead- a substance used to make other things
  • Lion- the majestic animal
  • Mustafa- the chosen one
  • Napolean- the famous French conquer
  • Nero- the Roman emperor known for cruelty
  • Nelson- murderer and bank robber
  • Nitro– an explosive
  • Oliver- relates to olive tree
  • Outlaw- who breaks the law
  • Paddington- famous bear
  • Paladin- a chivalrous champion
  • Pharaoh- ruler of ancient Egypt
  • Popeye- the cartoon fictional sailor
  • Neo – Who can forget Keanu Reeves from The Matrix who played a world saver?
  • Quark- physics particle
  • Radar- sonar equipment
  • Ramstein- famous German brand
  • Ranger- outdoor explorer
  • Rascal- Trouble maker
  • Raiford- Florida’s state prison
  • Razor- blade to cut
  • Remington- brand of gun maker
  • Romeo- Famous fictional romance character
  • Ryder- warrior
  • Riker– based on Riker’s Island in New York, it is the largest prison in the United States
  • Samson- biblical character said to have superhuman strength.
  • Sauron- an evil wizard in the Lord of the rings
  • Scrapper- cutter used to cut hard things in small thin pieces
  • Shaitan- Arabic name for the devil
  • Stone- stones are strong and hit hard
  • Strider- to stroll with huge steps
  • Thumper- slang for a passionate person
  • Tarzan- the strong jungle boy
  • Thor- Norse God of thunder
  • Titan- Greek giants of incredible strength
  • Twisted- an old tough acid rock band
  • Vladimir- Vlad to rule
  • Wrangler- brings together things
  • Xander- safeguarder of men
  • Yodok- prison camp in North Korea, famous for violation of human rights
  • Zander- defender of men
  • Zephyr- greek god of wind
  • Zed- British letter for “z”
  • Zeus- an Arabic word for strong
  • Zoomer- fast mover
  • Zod- the fictional villain from Superman series

Badass Dog Names for Female Dogs

  • Heat- from hot
  • Alexis- after Alexander
  • Hera– Greek goddess, known for her vengeful character traits
  • Hannibal- after fictional serial; the killer, Hannibal Lecter
  • Hades- Greek god of the underworld
  • Griffin- strong in faith
  • Eris– the Greek Goddess of discord and chaos
  • Dale– First name of a famous driver
  • Ace– single unit, poker card
  • Chilli– hot and spicy set you on fire.
  • Alaska– After great Alaska
  • Akita– a Superhero character
  • Abigail– father in rejoicing
  • Flash- fast
  • Wicket– a little entryway
  • Lizzie– ax- murderer
  • Lex– short for Alexander
  • Jetta– Latin word meaning black gem
  • Jabba– From Star Wars Villain, describing a lazy dog
  • Jesse– a murderer and bank robber
  • Magee– child of Aodh
  • Melvin– Irish word meaning mischief
  • Milo– quiet and charming
  • Muggs– gangster sidekicks
  • Muscles
  • Oscar– movie award
  • Nike– Greek name for victory
  • Ozzie– divine spearman
  • Pagoda– ancient temple
  • Xerxes– Greek name meaning leaving
  • Sing– maximum security prison in New York
  • Xing– star Yo-yo- a game with light
  • Zee– a cute yet a very tough name
  • Panda– bearlike animal in black and white color
  • Pistol– Handgun
  • Pitty– female Brazilian singer
  • Pixel– tiniest part of a digital image
  • Robbin– fictional character who stole from rich and gave to the poor
  • Royce– royal
  • Roar– the sound of Lion
  • Sniper– one who steals
  • Thunder– strong and loud sound
  • Taz– Tasmanian devil
  • Venga– valentine- great health
  • Vesper– evening star
  • Sabrina- Inspired by show Sabrina the witch
  • Villa– famous general from the Mexican revolution
  • Vixi- Brazilian expression for ‘oh my God’.
  • Wanderer- explorer looking around
  • Waddles– short stepper that sways
  • Ziggy– famous cartoon character
  • Zuma– frowning in anger
  • Zazu– strong movement
  • Waylon– country singer with the outlaw image
  • Lady Gaga– a badass pop singer
  • Lilith – A ghost
  • Tequila – name based on your favorite drink
  • Martini – Yet another drink you might like
  • Raven – A badass female character in X men
  • Harley – Joker’s female assistant in Batman
  • Rogue – a tough female superhero
  • Roxy – a girl you can’t mess with
  • Domino – based on tile-game
  • Dixie – a southern-vibe name
  • Elsa – a strong female character from movie Frozen
  • Flame – a stream of burning fire
  • Hermoine – inspired by Harry Potter
  • Katana – a type of Japanese sword
  • Katniss – an aquatic plant
  • Karma – reap what you sow
  • Morgana – a DC character
  • Petra – an ancient city
  • Pandora – an evil mythological character
  • Santana – a cool  singer
  • Scout – a fierce soldier
  • Trinity – A tough female character from The Matrix
  • Tempest – a violent storm
  • Quinn – from Harley Quinn
  • Winslet – one of the rarest names
  • Tamar – a battle princess
  • Diana – Roman goddess of the hunt
  • Hela – Goddess of death
  • Blaze – a fiery name
  • Lara – lead character of Tomb Raider games
  • Briana – in Irish, it means strong
  • Ripley – someone who likes to rip apart thing

A few of the names here are really spiritual, cute, hilarious, or tough but it is totally worth their character and breed. If your little dog suits with these badass and tough dog names, the name will be completely in synchronization with its character.


When you have finally gotten a tough name for your dog, you may take a few days getting used to the name for familiarity. Another important tip is that do not confuse the dog with too many names as it will make him irritated and much confused. Rather start with a name and use it while having a conversation with your puppy.

If you have adopted or bought a dog who has already been named then continue with the name. This is because a change of name can result in a bad mood and gross behavior in dogs. They are used to a particular name and changing it will make them cranky. Then proceed to give your dog the badass name and identity that it deserves.

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