About Us

Welcome to Dog Sumo! I’m sure you must be curious to know about us.

Hello, I’m Mary, founder, and editor of Dog Sumo, which is a blog dedicated exclusively to dogs. I have a profound love for dogs since my childhood as they have been my best friends. It’s a fun fact that I spend 80% of my time interacting and spending time with my dogs and 20% with humans. So, it’s quite clear how much I love my pooches.

I have carefully noticed the behavior, nature, health, and disposition of dogs and found interesting things about them.

In this blog, I’ll be focusing on dog’s wellbeing, health, diet, and mental health. Moreover, I’d love to share sun fun posts related to dogs. Dogs are more than just another four-legged creature. They are the loyal, humble, caring, emotional and complete package for those in emotional needs. Our four-legged definitely deserves our attention and through my posts, I intend to share my insights, views, opinions, and experiences.

Would you like to meet my paw friends? Scroll below!

Timmy the Mini
Blacky the Rowdy
Blacky the Rowdy

Banana the sweetheart

PS: My love isn’t just limited to dogs, I love ducks too. I have three ducks, two quails, and a pigeon. They all live happily together. My main goal always remains to help and nurture the animals around me. 🙂

I hope you have a great time here, happy dogging!