33 Dog Friendly Stores : See the List!



Do you love to bring your dog with you everywhere you go? I do, and often wish I could bring my dog, Jake, into stores and restaurants with me.

Maybe its just me projecting my own feelings onto the dog, but you know how it is. That look on their faces that make it seem like youre about to desert them forever when you have to leave them at home or outside of the store?

Well, the good news is that more and more establishments are tweaking their policies to allow people to brings their dogs along after all. Motels and hotels, restaurants, cafe’s and such are hopping on the dog friendly stores train.

I recently came across this list of 33 Dog Friendly Stores that BarkPost published. I include a quick run-down of the list here, but do check out the full post on BarkPost because they include a link to each store. You’ll probably have to contact the ones you’re interested in bringing your dog to first to make sure that they do, indeed, allow Fido to step in. BarkPost has this to say:

The list of chain stores that MAY allow your pooch to shop with you:


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